Catering During Your Darkness Retreat

Your time spent in the dark detoxifies your emotions, your faith, your whole world and therefore your body. Nutrition plays an important role in connection with consciousness. I therefore highly recommend you try fasting during your retreat in order to support the full detox process, i.e. to simply drink juices, tea and water, or to eat raw foods and smoothies.

Raw food on a Darkness Retreat - Bharati Corinna Glanert

At your request, we will prepare wonderful raw food dishes for you. Our kitchen is raw, vegan and full of finesse. Raw food provides an optimal supply of natural nutrients, increases your energy level, and is highly cleansing for the body, so therefore supports and enhances the process of spiritual purification. Raw food is an optimal prerequisite for the expansion of consciousness during your darkness meditation.

Fasting and raw food for spiritual purification and detox

Our team will ensure a steady supply of fresh water and snacks (fruits, nuts, raw food snacks). On request, we will prepare hot water or tea in the mornings and evenings.

If you want, deeper fasting is also possible.

The best option often reveals itself once you have embarked on your Darkness Retreat. Many participants note that they want less and less (solid) food after a few days. The higher your body vibrates, the less desire there is for ‘normal’ food.

On the other hand, spiritual experiences might get so intense that food is desired as a means of grounding. Whatever you need, we respond to your individual requirements. You may switch between different meals at any time. And if you desire a sweet snack, we always have enough raw chocolate in the house (;

In this short video filmed in Columbia, Bharati shares a little bit about why she thinks eating raw food in a Darkness Retreat can make such a powerful difference to your experience, and she also shows you just how great raw food can be.